Printing is seeing a massive revival again. Just ask Google and Amazon, the world’s 2 largest online companies. They focus nearly all their marketing now on printed letters, leaflets, cards & brochures. We are known across the Uk – If It’s printed, Its PDS

Our print specialism is in matching the correct product to the correct process:-

Digital Printing: For low quantities or personalised printing. We have the latest and best machinery in the world available for you 24 hours a day.


Litho Printing: For general printing such as stationery, leaflets, brochures, folders, labels, etc. You need this work produced quickly and cost effectively. PDS will do this for you!


Web Printing: For huge runs and very high quantities of leaflets, brochures and magazines. You will be very pleasantly surprised at how cost effectively we can produce this work for you.

Business Cards: Often the first example of your business to your prospects, so business cards are hugely important. Please ask us about our special business card services too. Our simple options of high quality card or very high quality laminated card are both priced to win but without the quality compromise you get from those big national on-line companies who advertise on TV!


Leaflets, Postcards & Brochures: There are cheap printers who will take your money and print this work quickly and poorly or there is PDS who care about what you need, give you several options and then produce this work for you within your budget without any quality or service compromises. We specialise in producing these products to make our client’s money.

From concept to delivery, PDS can maximise your returns on budget and on time.