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We create the brands for businesses to excel in the area they work in, even if they want to outclass huge national firms. Our specialism is in printing so we know exactly how best to facilitate your image for maximum results in all formats.


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True value is NOT necessarily choosing the cheapest

Our expertise will produce an annual saving you, even if we don’t appear to be the ‘cheapest’ on the first quote. With everything there is always someone cheaper! With PDS you get real value and service for money at a true price. Every job we produce is a reflection of our reputation and because of this, we don’t compromise on any of our quality checks or materials! We don’t have any hidden charges like others often do:

  • Our quotes are fixed in stone for the specification you request
  • We include artwork and file checking as standard. We won’t just print your file
  • We guarantee our quality and our FREE delivery avoids hidden extra charges
  • Your work reflects on us and we want you to be happy and come back again and again

We don’t just take the order, we partner our clients

Our job is to be your expert in branding, marketing and printing. Having adapted our own business with huge success since 2001, we know exactly how best to produce, adapt and promote your Corporate Image to encourage more of the profitable business you want

  • If your logo and corporate image needs updating, we are THE people to do this for you
  • Happy with your current corporate image? That fine by us and we can show you how best to promote yourself in all formats for maximum results
  • With our foundation in printing, no other creative company can help and advise you as much as we can. We know what printed media works best for you in your industry and how best to promote you

90% of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years! We are unique in that we can help you regardless of your business size. Many of our originally small clients are now well established and large players in their field.


  • Small Businesses? Most businesses start small. Fantastic Marketing Works! Let us help you grow by improving how you can compete and out-perform your larger competition
  • Medium to Large Private Business? – We are extremely popular in this area as we partner you to become your “in-House” creative and marketing department. We have a proven track record, contact us today
  • National Brand, PLC or Charity? – We work with several huge organisations in these fields. We are their first point of contact for each printed & promotional project and we work hand in hand with their marketing teams

A Case Study Of Our Work

– K Barbers Emporium

Here’s how PDS took a printing job from okay to spectacular. The previous version of this gift voucher and folder job (left in the image) used uncoated card so the solid black ink showed the grain of the card. It did the job but… PDS coated the card so the solid black ink sat on top, giving a lovely silk finish, while providing protection. The matt laminate improved this effect; stopping cracks and protecting the print under the surface. This approach adds longevity to the product, reflects beautifully on the company image while allowing multiple use. Now that’s an unparalleled professional printing service, offering superior value and a spectacular job!

Satisfied Client – Kevin Vorley

Kevin Vorley - K Barbers EmproiumK Barbers owner Kevin Vorley was delighted. He said that PDS worked hard to gain “a fantastic understanding of (K Barber’s) business needs, providing artwork changes… double checking each item carefully…” and “producing a very high quality finish” to a standard “beyond (that of) any other printing company… used in the past” For the best job call in the experts, call PDS 0800 298 0112

K Barbers happy PDS Printing client