The Corporate Image you present to the world is now more important than ever before. As they say, Image is Everything.
Here at PDS, we specialise in helping businesses with their logo’s, brand identity and corporate image. Once established, we use this going forward on ANY media they require for their marketing.

Examples of areas we can help you on are:-

Company branding/rebranding
Logo design
Brand guidelines
Brand Identity/Strategy development
Campaign/product/event branding

Brochure design
Annual reports design
Annual review design
Investor information
Investor packs

Packaging design
Advertising design (billboards, magazine adverts, posters, etc)

Event and exhibition stand design
Event packs

Email marketing
Website design

It is important to understand that designing for print has different requirements than for web, not only in how it is made, but how you export the file too. We know the importance of producing the best possible product, which is why we understand the finer details of design.

We will only use vector & high resolution images only.Why would you accept anything less?

Why are vector & high resolution images important?
Raster images are made up of a grid of pixels, each grid square (or pixel) is then made up of a specific colour. The resolution of an image defines how many of those pixels are used to make up the image, the greater the resolution the more detail the picture has. They either made in raster software, like Photoshop, or they are pictures taken by a camera or a scan. Remember, you can have a high resolution image, but if you then scale it up in size you are lowering the effective resolution of that image and you will lose detailing in the image.

This is where vector images are important. Vector images are graphical representations of mathematical objects such as lines, curves, etc. This means, for example, a curve made in a vector software, like Illustrator, will be a sharper line than one made in a raster software. Not only that, but as these are based on mathematical calculations you can scale an image up or down and sharpness of the image will remain exactly the same.

This image demonstrates the difference in sharpness between raster and vector graphics

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The strength in your Marketing comes from ask us to help from Concept through to delivery. We can help you maximise your impact to remain ahead of your competition.