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PDS have provided printing services that go way beyond expectations in Southend, Essex and Nationally since 2001. We’re all about exceptional customer service and are “never out-serviced by anyone”. This means YOU always get exceptional value and a superior print job.

Don’t leave it to chance, call in the Printing Experts!

We’re here to make your life easy..! And as experts, our job is to ensure your brochure, letterhead, business cards and leaflets are finished to perfection on time and within budget.

Our prices are fantastic but in exchange for a few pounds extra and expert advice the finished job will exceed your expectations. PDS reject commercially acceptable we just do professional. That means YOU always get superior value for every job, big or small.

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More for Less

More for Less

Everyone likes FREE so don’t pay more than you need to

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We’re here to make your printing life easy!

Superb Customer Service

Exceptional customer service guaranteed, so you get a better printing job

  • We visit you
  • Discuss your ideas in plain English
  • Make them spectacular in print
timely printing services

Timely Printing Service

Printing services beyond expectations, delivered

  • On time
  • On budget
  • Right to your doorstep
Special printing offers

VERY Special Offers

Everyday print products at incredibly keen rates without losing our personal service

  • Leaflets
  • Postcards
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards

Superior Value

PDS are all about adding value to delight our customers. There’s simply no reason why you should settle for an average-looking brochure or letterhead.

Expert Advice = Spectacular Printing

We will show you easy, higher quality options that cost you very little. For example, for a small extra outlay, perhaps 5%, a job could be printed on 400gsm laminated card instead of flimsy 130gsm paper.

That’s great advice resulting in a vastly better print job. We’ll always suggest design improvements because we want you to be thrilled.

Even more added value

Buying in bulk saves you money – we will store your repeat orders, just ask us for details. Ever been told it’s your fault? You won’t hear that with PDS…

We’re the experts and if a submitted job isn’t printable, we’ll spot the error and won’t print it! Instead we’ll fix it so you’re always delighted.

True value is NOT choosing the cheapest

It’s easy to sell a cheap price with the cheapest materials, but there are drawbacks

  • Cheap can be nasty
  • Cheap can be false economy

PDS Digital do not cut corners on QUALITY procedures! Even our special offer print jobs are of the highest possible quality, every time.

Pre-flight check

You won’t end up with your job containing pixelated internet images or low-res logos because we check your artwork. If it doesn’t look good for you it doesn’t look good for us.

Pride in every job

We look after you every step of the way, keeping you informed and fixing issues. You will NOT end up with 20000 dodgy leaflets, brochures, letterheads or business cards that are too nasty to use. Because we care…! There will always be someone cheaper but we are the cheapest HIGH VALUE printer around!

Case Study – K Barbers Emporium

Here’s how PDS took a printing job from okay to spectacular.

The previous version of this gift voucher and folder job (left in the image) used uncoated card so the solid black ink showed the grain of the card. It did the job but…

PDS coated the card so the solid black ink sat on top, giving a lovely silk finish, while providing protection. The matt laminate improved this effect; stopping cracks and protecting the print under the surface. This approach adds longevity to the product, reflects beautifully on the company image while allowing multiple use.

Now that’s an unparalleled professional printing service, offering superior value and a spectacular job!

Satisfied Client – Kevin Vorley

Kevin Vorley - K Barbers EmproiumK Barbers owner Kevin Vorley was delighted. He said that PDS worked hard to gain

a fantastic understanding of (K Barber’s) business needs, providing artwork changes… double checking each item carefully…” and “producing a very high quality finish” to a standard “beyond (that of) any other printing company… used in the past

For the best job call in the experts, call PDS 0800 298 0112

K Barbers happy PDS Printing client