GDPR is here to stay and many business are worried about their Marketing. There has been so much said about what is GDPR safe and legal. Understandably, Business Owners and Marketing Departments often don’t know which way to turn. The great news is that Printed Marketing and Direct Mail are completely GDPR Legal and safe. You do not need consent. As a result, smart businesses have been pushing most of their Promotion towards Print. Whether you are producing printed display products, delivering cheap leaflets, postcards or brochures through doors or are investing in personalised direct mail. ALL are safe and legal.

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Leaflets Postcards & Brochures

Leaflets and Brochures are fantastic products to produce in volume. You do not need to get consent for these and they are very cheap to produce. Email Marketing has been on the decline for many years due to better email software. Now with the introduction of GDPR:- 87% of people state they would react positively to any Printing received. As a result 87% would look to purchase online from Printed Advertising.

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Direct Mail:

Personalised Direct Mail is safe too, it does not require consent. Businesses are averaging a return of over 2% now on well designed Direct Mail. That is double what it used to be. The two largest online companies in the world Amazon and Google know this. Both still focus most of their Marketing on Printed Offers. If you work with us for your Direct Mail, we can actually post for you using the Royal Mail at huge discounts too. These discounts are far cheaper than you can get yourself. If you have a Royal Mail account, we can use this and still post at our vastly reduced rates. We are experts in producing these projects and can boast many clients who have:-

  1. Saved thousands of pounds annually (or on very large Direct Mail Jobs ) by asking us to post for them. We can even use your own account!
  2. Seen a massive return on their investment. Business are more receptive to Printed Products than ever before. Just contact us for help.
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The key is to create and present a Fantastic Image with a Strong Message. We are experts in doing this and can design a Logo and/or Corporate Image for you that will keep you ahead of your competition no matter how large they are. Once created, we can produce the Marketing Literature to win you more business. Remember that good advertising and marketing is NOT a cost. It’s an investment that will make you money

Printed Marketing with PDS is now THE fastest way to grow your Business.