With the introduction of email and the internet, the Printing Industry looked doomed for a few years. However the success of these on-line medias have recently caused a large up-surge in the popularity of Printed Marketing and Personalised Mailing again.

Email Marketing was hugely successful when it first became available. However, we now we not only have SPAM boxes but Clutter boxes too – These are basically blocking Sales Emails making them pointless. The data protection laws are thankfully stronger than ever. This too is blocking businesses from cold Marketing of new prospects at their desks. Therefore, businesses have had to return to the methods of Marketing and Sales that worked best Pre Internet – Printed Marketing.

You just cannot beat a fantastic looking piece of printing. A business can ask us to design and artwork a powerful effective message and we can have on a hot prospects desk in just a couple of days – No SPAM or clutter boxes blocking, just a great sales message that you know will appeal, right there in front of your prospects eyes.

We have seen massive growth is Promotion Goods, Branded Clothing and even Building Signage for the same reasons. People have no time to be sold and are blocking on-line sales. Therefore you have to catch their eye in and out of their offices to help them see how useful you are for them.

Proof That Printed Marketing is Back Better Than Ever:

We are a Printing Company, so we would say this wouldn’t we? However the proof is all around you and in the press – https://contently.com/strategist/2014/06/03/5-reasons-print-is-making-a-comeback/

Think of your own business. How many Sales Emails land in your main inbox now for you to see? If they do, how many do without the need to right click the Sales Message? Exactly, hardly any. You too are blocking most of this on-line Marketing. So, you need to follow the latest trend too – Get back into Printed Marketing.

Further Proof – If you like to order from Amazon, think about what all their boxes and packets are full of now? Printed Marketing. Amazon include offers and vouchers to encourage you to spend again with them on-line. They don’t email you as they know they won’t get through.

If you run a business and have a website, how do Google try and sell you more Adwords? Printed Marketing. They produce printed targeted mailings addressed to you with vouchers and postcards offering you cheaper adwords for offers to encourage you to buy from them. They know this is the most effective way to get business owners to buy from them.

SO, if the 2 largest online companies in the world are using Printed Marketing to sell to you, it must be the most effective form of marketing. I

Smart business owners have spotted this and are systematically increasing their Marketing Budgets to include more printing such as Leaflets, Brochures, Posters, Postcards, vouchers, branded envelopes and exhibition materials. Thankfully PDS Digital have always changed with the times and we continue to offer ALL of the Printed Marketing any business would ever need. We even promote now with the tagline:-

If its Printed, Its PDS – sales@pdsprinting.co.uk

Amazing Service is Still The Key Though:

In the downturn in Print, a lot of Printing Companies failed. Nearly two thirds of Printing Companies went bust in the last ten years. The Printing Businesses left are those who adapted to the changes and rode the storm of the downturn. PDS Digital is very different to how we were in 2001 when we started, but we are not only still here, but growing from year to year. Our growth is from more customers and clients of course but also because we do so much more now too. We offer amazing service in all that we do and we do more than just about any other Printing Company. Our philosophy has always been to never be out-serviced by anyone. .

Whether a customer needs Cheap Fast Printing which we offer here – http://www.pdsprinting.co.uk/special-offers-online-prices-personal-service/

or a more Tailored Bespoke Printing Service, we can help and offer more than anyone.

From Essex and London to Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds – If Its Printed, It’s PDS.

REMEMBER – Printed Marketing Makes You Money:

In conclusion, do remember that good Marketing makes you money, it should never cost you money! Even when you are quiet, don’t stop pushing your sales messages out there. Your competition are still pushing hard, particularly if they are bigger than you.

Keep investing in your sales. With Printed Marketing now leading the way, follow the 2 biggest online companies in the world and speak to us about helping you with your Printing. From Budget Leaflets and Brochures, through to Mailing and Personalisation or more Bespoke Printing, we can help you.  We can maximise your budget more than anyone too. Since 2001 we have been helping businesses of all sizes reduce their annual print spend. Speak to us about Personalised Direct Mail too with our HUGE Postage Discounts via The Royal Mail – https://www.pdsprinting.co.uk/personalisation-and-mailing/

PDS Digital are The Local Printing Experts locally wherever you are in the UK and we would love to help you. Just call us on our FREE phone number or email us on sales@pdsprinting.co.uk Whether you need a quote or a visit, we are happy to help. We can even audit your Annual Print Spend for you and show you how to save £1000’s.