Getting more from a print campaign

Don’t believe people who say that print marketing is going the way of VHS. It’s a common myth, but it isn’t true. We still live in a world where printed materials matter. People still read flyers, use phone books and read magazines. We firmly believe that the future is neither print, nor digital, but a combination of everything, particularly personalised print, and while a lot of people are concentrating on the digital, they aren’t making the most of their print. This gives you an opportunity to use personalised print campaigns to expand your company’s customer base, just ask the BPIF  – large percentages of people prefer certain communications by print. Luckily, it won’t even cost that much money, since digital printing makes the process extremely cheap.

Here we’ll walk through a few approaches which you should think about when using print on its own, or as part of a multi-channel campaign and how a little segmentation can go a long way.

Uplift Marketing For Personalised Print!

Marketers always talk about reaching their target audiences. They want to make sure that their messages reach the right people. If campaigns don’t reach the intended crowd, then the marketing will ultimately fail.

Coke uses personalised print

Coke and their famous personalised print campaign

Marketing professionals still think about target audiences, but they use a more nuanced approach called uplift marketing.

Uplift marketing works well because it divides a company’s customer base into smaller sections. This lets marketers craft personalised campaigns directed at highly specific groups. In uplift marketing, that usually means targeting people who wouldn’t otherwise purchase a product.

Uplift marketing sees certain people as sure things. For example, if a person has a three-year contract with a mobile phone service provider, then targeted marketing campaigns don’t need to focus them. Doing so would just waste time and resources.


Other people are impossible to persuade. Using the example from above, O2 knows that it isn’t going to attract customers who have already signed three-year contracts with Vodafone. A personalised print campaign targeting those consumers would also waste money, time, and resources.

With personalised uplift marketing, you can persuade part of the market to buy certain products or services. A mobile phone company might target people who are nearing the end of their contracts. Those people could potentially switch providers, so it makes sense to target them.


Since personalised printing makes it easy and affordable to make several versions of the same campaign, you can target smaller niche groups within your audience.

It’s a rather fascinating perspective on influence and how companies can best use their resources to attract customers. More customer segmentation means companies need to get a good grip of their data, but targeted segmentation techniques available can pay handsome dividends.

The Spray and Pray Approach

Spray and pray marketing is almost the opposite of uplift marketing. Uplift marketing is all about tailoring messages so that they motivate specific groups of people. With spray and pray, companies make several versions of a marketing campaign. Then they unleash those versions on the world to see what will happen. If you had to use a printing press, the cost for this kind of campaign would make it unthinkable. No one would ever use it.

Some people argue that spray and pray doesn’t work. But that’s not usually the case for printers that use digital equipment which specialises in personalisation. Those people are correct in a sense. Like spraying bullets, you might shoot a dozen before one hits. That means you miss almost every time. But you can still use the strategy because targeted printing is so cheap that, depending on the price of the company’s products, you can actually make money as long as you connect with a small portion of the audience. We’ve seen a few high profile companies revert back to this tactic as a cost effective measure. But of course it’s not for everyone.

Find Out How Personalised Print Works for Your Business

Whether you use uplift, spray and pray, personalised or other types of print marketing, you need to know what you’re getting in return for your investment. Many times, ads go out into the world, but the companies never know whether they had any effect.

How do you plan to use personalised print in your next marketing campaign?